Orientalist Sketches

8 thoughts on “Orientalist Sketches”

  1. I know we had touched on this before and I dig the need for a better understanding of the images presented from the “good ole’ boys of Europe. Though I never saw it as a rescuing of Orientalist art, as a commandeering. The images are beautiful, compelling, and inspiring to such a degree that it begs for a re-representation. “This is what it meant then, this it what it means now.” Those who don’t know will be drawn to the art, those in the know will understand the irony.

    1. and that’s the conundrum. the art is compelling–but how much of that is based on our indoctrination of what we “imagine” the non-Occidental, exotic East should look like? it can be vexing. but i do like the idea of commandeering. because what the art definitely does is at least introduce us to fashion/concepts outside the Eurocentric norm…though with a great deal of exaggeration and sexualization.

  2. And it’s possible through some genres like steampunk, with its re-imagingings of technological creativity rooted in a rich cultural moment, that Orientalist art may prove a goldmine–especially when used to subvert some of these same subjugating histories.

    Yes this is entirely possible. I like your blog so far, looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

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