Anti-Fascist dieselpunk and the Spanish Civil War

4 thoughts on “Anti-Fascist dieselpunk and the Spanish Civil War”

  1. I’d love to see an article on Confederate steampunks. I’ve almost come to blows with wannabe Sons of the South at steampunk shindigs because under the guise of “talking history” out come the Neo-Confederate antebellum apologetics. I once thought I was going to get gang beat for raising a glass to Sherman in a room with a large group of Georgian steampunks who were toasting Lee and Jackson.

  2. wow. that’s a sad, and not surprising, reflection our society. maybe we do need some nat turner and john brown brigades to attend a few more steampunk venues…shake things up a bit for johnny reb. 😉 seriously, next time you might want to suggest some of those steamheads pining for the Old Confederacy see Kevin Wilmott’s counterfactual mock-u-mentary, CSA:Confederate States of America. it has a lasting effect…

  3. This is a really interesting piece of history and new to me. Thanks for sharing it. On the steampunk side of the story, I think the trend of wearing Nazi paraphernalia is pretty troubling. It mirrors the 80s when neo-Nazi skinheads wore Nazi paraphernalia and claimed free speech rights. The thing is, they were flying that stuff because they were organizing – the paraphernalia was more advertisement than decoration, and it appealed to folks who were feeling marginalized and alienated because it got them attention and it made a statement about them that got them acknowledged, even if negatively most of the time. Dangerous…

    1. dangerous, yes. i can’t get a bead on its use in steam/dieselpunk. it could be that some of these cos play guys are truly advertising for nazi type orgs. most however *claim* they’re just having fun, and play down any possibility of offense–often using the “you’re-racist-for-pointing-out-my-own-racism” trope so common today. so i tend to think much of it is based on ignorance and a strong lack of empathy associated with white privilege . . . though disturbingly, nazi cos play has also been seen among a smaller segment of POC, which is a whole notha’ discussion.

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