“I have avenged America!” – Haiti and Revolution

6 thoughts on ““I have avenged America!” – Haiti and Revolution”

  1. Excellent article. Questions! How many of the revolutionaries had previous military experience in Africa? And to what extent did African battle tactics play out in the over all military deployments of the Haitian forces? I’ve read about the Haitian Revolution, but now I’d like to learn more about this struggle from a military perspective. In fact, having read about the Stono Rebellion and how the participants were African soldiers, I think it would be interesting to study the military backgrounds of Africans who rebelled against slavery in the Americas.

    1. Ron. see: John Thorton, African Soldiers in the Haitian Revolution,” Journal of Caribbean History 25 (1993). He basically looks to war “veterans” from Central African conflicts (Kongo, Angola) as a driving force behind the military tactics employed by the slave rebels.

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