Robert A. Heinlein- Letter from the Dean

5 thoughts on “Robert A. Heinlein- Letter from the Dean”

  1. Thank you for posting this historical document. It is important tool in our current understanding of literary figures of the past. And it gives those of us who strive to deepen that understanding a new perspective.

  2. Thanks again for another thought-provoking blog. The only Heinlein I’ve ever read was Starship Troopers, which I appreciated for his take on the idea of the “social contract”. And though I’m not surprised, I am disheartened by the increasing list of sic-fi/fantasy writers ( and geekdom as it progesses) that I admired, who would have been less or absolutely against my desire to be part of the genre.

    Not saying that I’ll give-up my pursuit, but as my heroes dwindle and God becomes more a trickster than a provider of hard truths, my armor becomes more elaborate and bedecked with spikes.

    Still, thanks for the blog and the information it contains. Great stuff. I wonder if I should drop down to DC and take a course in your class.

  3. Brother Clark: reading this sort of thing about a fellow writer (One held in high esteem at that!) makes me very angry. And I agree with you: Heinlein’s words were probably in reaction to The Civil Rights Movement. Look at all the racism that’s emerged since President Obama took office.

  4. It is odd this fellow sounds distinctly as his current ilk mirroring the “I wasn’t there but I support their viewpoint.” mentality. I almost read the widely used “More black in crime statistic/crime rhetoric” of today. Almost. A literary giant, indeed.

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