Black-a-Moors in the European Imagination II: Beyond Dolce and Gabbana

7 thoughts on “Black-a-Moors in the European Imagination II: Beyond Dolce and Gabbana”

  1. This was a wonderful piece that opened my mind! Within a few hours I have learned much because this entry lead me to much more knowledge or information for me to intake.

  2. Those whe have taken the time to read this article should also read:

    The negative portrayal of black people, by the propaganda machines of European countries, have been so successful that descendants of the African dispora are content to be satisfied with their (Europeans) version of history. Alas the negative always seems to overshadow the positive!

    Learn about your past. It will change your future!

  3. This is great information. My last name is “Punch” which is Irish. I know the history of “John Punch” who was an indentured servant. I did not realize the cultural connection between Africa and Ireland until I read this information today. I have traveled to Europe several times and saw African influences especially in Spain. But, never made the Ireland connection. This information has definitely allowed me to “connect the dots”. Thank you.

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