Race and Comic Books

7 thoughts on “Race and Comic Books”

  1. Great post. Are you planning to do a follow-up on this. You drop a lot of names/characters( way-cool btw) to backup the change in white creators perceptions of us as well as the nuances of black characters by black creators in your last three paragraphs. I’m curious to know your take on the topic circa 2013. Is there much of a difference now from the 90’s? And what is your take on the lack of black Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery characters in comics? The only one I know is Zula from the Marvel Conan issues beginning in 1974.

    1. ah! a follow up? nah. problem is I am no where as attuned to comic books today as I was back then. the black fantasy/sword and sorcery characters is interesting. i can’t think of many–though in the indie period, there were black writers creating some.

  2. This is a great write up. I’d like to repost some of the contents over at my spot. Even now the one sided depiction of the greatest of super heroes and even villains are all white. And part of that is because of the lack of Black creators, even though I think a good writer can write anything. they just have to care about that character that they write.

  3. Fascinating – and very interesting after your other blog on Magneto and Professor X on Freshly Pressed. Just one point though – I think Giant-Sized X-Men 1 was written by Len Wein, not Chris Claremont, who only took over the writing duties from Uncanny X-Men 94. I don’t have the actual issues in front of me to confirm that though.

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