GOT- “The Climb”

5 thoughts on “GOT- “The Climb””

    1. yeah. even if she was a made up character…I thought she provided some balance and much needed voice to the use of women (sex-workers) as mere sexposition props. I know the point was to remind us Joffrey is a Monster, but still….

      1. Makes me wonder if they needed to fire her because her contract would have given her more money if she made it past season 3. If they wanted to remind us that Joff is still Joff, then they could have scattered the bodies of various prostitutes through out his bed chamber. Like he was really hunting them. I know, very gruesome, but to the point without killing the coolest Red Head in King’s Landing.

  1. It’s so treacherous in those seven kingdoms that it would be hard to close your eyes and sleep. But I am pulling for the three couples to live happily ever after. Tyrion and Shae, Snow and Ygritte, and Rob’s love with Ms Valantis; even though I know his life is forefeiit.

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