Rac(e)ing The Dothraki Twerk Team- Game of Thrones Absent “Sistas”

11 thoughts on “Rac(e)ing The Dothraki Twerk Team- Game of Thrones Absent “Sistas””

  1. TBH, I wonder why there isn’t more backlash at Missandei? Maybe because the producers of the show made her old enough to fit into male viewers conception of hotness (I definitely am a male viewer and I definitely appreciate the casting choice of Ms. Emmanuel). And, this plays even more into the sexualization thing, and…*sigh*. A tangled web, to be sure.

    I’ll tell you this: Making Salladhor Saan black was one of the best minor character changes I’ve seen in the show to date. Now, I hope that the producers expand upon the role of the Summer Island archer/merc that tyrion met in exile.

    1. I agree. Missandei being easy on the eyes helped ease the backlash, at least with fanboys. I didn’t even catch though that they chose an actress that is decidedly sexualized. Yeah, Salladhor Saan’s racial makeover was a great choice–and Lucian_Msamati plays him well. Ben Plumm! There should be a whole lotta Summer Islanders for the producers to throw in later on the series–shiploads.

  2. I actually had a great time explaining the idea of the Dothraki Twerk Team to some co-workers of mine. Broke down the sexualization of the black women in the 1st and 2nd seasons, and pointed them to your site. I love making them uncomfortable and then having to explain ( to Unapologetic Tolkien-Heads no less) what a Disgruntled Haradrim is or looks like. I’m now the Official Cool Geek.

  3. TBF, the Dothraki wedding scene in the book had some all out rapes involved of the slaves… and I’m guessing the Dothraki Twerk team was their way of softening that. And true, the Summer Islanders definitely have the healthiest sexuality in the series/books. But what would have happened if they had had no sexuality at all, as opposed to all the other cultures they ran into? That seems like it would have been another unwanted trope. I wonder if there was a way to strike a balance between overly sexualized and completely sexless?

    1. I think the answer to that might be to not exoticize them based on stereotypes that are older than ASOIAF or GoT. See my other blog, if you got the time, on the problem of “othering” in fantasy and how we can find ways to kick the habit.

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