Slavery and Sleepy Hollow: A Revisionist Revolution

sleepyhollow11“…many Negroes and Mulattoes the property of Citizens of these States have concealed themselves on board the Ships in the harbor … and to make their escapes in that manner … All Officers of the Allied Army … are directed not to suffer any such negroes or mulattoes to be retained in their Service but on the contrary to cause them to be delivered to the Guards which will be establish’d for their reception …Any Negroes or mulattoes who are free upon proving the same will be left to their own disposal.”–General George Washington, October 25, 1781.

That time Washington had Patriot troops surround Yorktown to stop slaves huddled with the British from escaping. Wouldn’t know much of that watching Sleepy Hollow, where Washington wasn’t just a Founding Father, but a Savior of the Apocalypse and venerable Saint–“the good guys” in a war against evil where the Patriots are (literally) on the side of the angels.

I like this show. But sometimes it makes me wanna throw up in my mouth a little.

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Jeff VanderMeer’s Wonderful, Whimsical, Wonderbook

fish“The world is more like a living creature than a machine, and so too are stories. In fact stories exist in a bewildering number of adaptations…some of them might even look a little like a fish.”

From the creative mind that brought you The Steampunk Bible, comes an illustrated tome of creative writing aptly titled Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction. If you haven’t yet, I have to ask any fellow writers, artists or idle dreamers, why in the nine burning hells of Azagoth (and the three somewhat temperate ‘hecks’) aren’t you reading this?!?

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