GOT- “First of his Name”

3 thoughts on “GOT- “First of his Name””

  1. An excellent summary, as usual, except for one small thing. It’s Ser Barristan Selmy advising Dany. The Old Bear was killed by the mutinous Crows several weeks ago.

    1. thanks for the reply. turns out, we’re both kind of right. i do mean Ser Jorah Mormont doing the advising (in this instance) and not Ser Barristan Selmy. he is the son of Ser Jeor Mormont, who was indeed called The Old Bear and killed by mutinous Crows. Both are nobles from Bear Island and both have been called “bear.” Dany calls Ser Jorah Mormont her bear, black bear, great bear and old bear from time to time in the novels. but you are right that Ser Jeor Mormont is the one most well known (especially in the HBO series) as The Old Bear. (this is what happens when you get the show and the books conflated in your head!) so i’ve changed it to the less formal lowercase “old bear” and made it Dany’s possessive–to not confuse it with the former Lord Commander’s title-nickname. good looking out! thanks again. 🙂

      1. You’ve very welcome!
        I have the same problem with mixing up book and tv series. I’m *still* trying to overcome a persistent dislike of tv-Jorah, due to the reasons for book-Jorah’s exile/deposition

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