A is for Armies: An End to Hobbits, Quests and Prequels

5 thoughts on “A is for Armies: An End to Hobbits, Quests and Prequels”

  1. Haha, Orc amputees ready for battle. Wait really? Haven’t seen it yet, but now I’m wondering. I hate feeling exhausted after a movie. I don’t like falling asleep in movie theaters. People put Coke flavored popcorn in your mouth.

  2. you are a fucking piece of shit nigger. not showing your face or a picture with your stupid fucking arab nigger name.,.yes we need iron man to be a gook…you fucking idiot obama lover.

      1. Oh man that had me GEEK’N! You’re great Haradrim!

        Ignorance is like a sea full of fish. As many fish that you pull out, twice as many are born. Like fish, ignorance is narrow sighted and stupid. This fool spit’n slander, is the same damn gold fish his father was, swimming in a tank thumping it’s head off the glass hoping to meet someone just as ignorant as him.

        Also, i’m looking to contact you. I’m a fellow Blerd, haha. I’m reluctant to put my email on here, after reading stupid racist inbreed red-necks like the one you had to deal with. Check out my site’s i write Fantasy and Sci-Fi as well as poetry.



        I have an opportunity for you that you may be interested. Keep in mind that i’ve only edited “Abolished Sin” so much of my work is lousy with errors. Still fun reads, i’m getting a lot of great feedback! I also have an official editor now, so i’m getting my shit together. Hit me up, my man.

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