For the Good of the Order: Writing Goals 2015

12 thoughts on “For the Good of the Order: Writing Goals 2015”

    1. Thanks much for the confidence! You may ask on my dissertation- i look at the impact/influence of British Emancipation on American abolitionism in the mid 19th century. It’s actually a lot more interesting than I make it sound. 🙂

  1. Good luck!

    And *please* don’t give up on the novel-writing thing. I can’t be the *only* one looking forward to meeting the Daughters of Sekhmet!

  2. The more and more i read up on you, the more and more i get intimidated to ask you a few questions. The way i’m looking at this though, i’ve one shot at everything in life. If i don’t ask, i won’t know. You seem busy though, i can totally understand! I’m not as established as yourself, nor am i as intelligent or articulate as yourself. I dream just as hard as you, and i have a creative mind just as swollen as yours. I hope that i get to hear from you soon. You may not be interested in my proposal’s, but as humble and modest as you seem, i know you will give me the time.

    Thank you for being an intelligent, strong, witty, and most of all PROUD black man! I hope all the best for you, and i am enjoying everything i’m reading so far. Unfortunately, as you’ve said, i just don’t have the time to read your books. I have no doubt in my mind they are amazing! Your too damn SMART! Keep other black men like myself proud brother!

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