Tips for Understanding Black History Month- 2015 Edition

13 thoughts on “Tips for Understanding Black History Month- 2015 Edition”

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    I usually don’t reblog other people’s post on my site (because I’d rather send people to the sites they are originally from. Its like taking someone’s fire and putting it in my home), but this is post deserves as many eyes reading it as possible. A think its a very important post by Phenderson Djèlí Clark, the Disgruntled Haradrim. So read it and don’t be afraid to visit his site:

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    This is one of the rare occasions where I’m using the re-blog feature for Beyond Victoriana, but this is for a great friend and contributor to the blog, P. Djeli Clark, who addresses some important talking points about Black History Month in the United States. I highly encourage folks to also visit his blog for more great commentary about race, sci-fi/ fantasy, and pop media.

  3. Great post! Knowledge like this needs to continue to be spread. I just heard your lecture on blacks in speculative fiction and was in awe. Please continue to educate and enlighten!!!!

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