GOT- “Mother’s Mercy”

4 thoughts on “GOT- “Mother’s Mercy””

  1. Great recap! I am so NOT convinced Jon Snow is dead. I didn’t even get upset like when they killed the King of the North (you know he was not coming back…).The author is bold but not that bold and Jon Snow IS an heir to the throne!

  2. That trifling a** sun god!! So all he does is melt snow and that’s it! Screw the sun-god! With gods like him, I’ll take my chances with some outcast underworld demon! Maybe then I’ll be guaranteed a victory. Death to those Night Watch scumbags! Those evil, malicious, lousy, filth-ridden betrayers of Jon Snow. May white walkers rip their hearts out, shatter their skulls, spill their brains on the frozen ground and stomp on their faces, then reanimate their broken bodies so they can do it again!! Death tothe Bolton!! DEATH! DEATH!

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