GOT- “Home”

6 thoughts on “GOT- “Home””

  1. The resurrection of Jon Snow was some lazy ass storytelling. We have endured the heartbreak of losing beloved character after beloved character, and they bring Jon Snow back because – what – he’s cute? If we’re raising the dead now, I’ll take Ned Stark for 500, please. Or Kharl Drogo for 1,000. But Jon? This is why we need a book VI because HBO is ruining it. George wouldn’t have given two farts about poor dead Jon Snow. This reminds me of that Walking Dead episode when Glen was trapped underneath a dumpster, surrounded by walkers. Someone in the writing room loves y’all, for real. I have nothing against Jon Snow, but dead is dead. That’s the beauty of GOT. You never know who’s going to bite it. And they don’t come back – unless it’s as a white walker. Sloppy-ass storytelling. That was a gimme for the fans. This fan isn’t impressed. All I know now, if a single arrow even scratches Daenerys, they better – poof – bring Melisandre to take care of it.

    1. I believe the answer to your question is “Azor Ahai.” It’s why readers of the book *always* thought Jon Snow would be resurrected, as we’d seen with Thoros and Lady Stoneheart. Good story-telling or no, it (appears) to fit the puzzle. R’llhor saves.

    2. Well, we do need a reboot to Jon Snow. He just seems so lost all the time, just fumbling into heroism. I need a more decisive hero and his little body is as good as any to house the Azor Ahai. This could get interesting … I’ll hold my judgment until we know for sure.

  2. Ha! Papa Bolton got shaaaaaanked! But after his treacherous role in the Red Wedding, that dirty cod had it coming! Now it’s Bastard Bolton’s turn to receive his reckoning!

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