GOT- “The Lion and the Rose”

GOT-S5-JoffreyAnother Sunday another episode of Game of Thrones. And you thought Dothraki weddings were violent… Let’s do this.

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GOT- “Second Sons”

game-of-thrones-second-sons-peter-dinklageAnother week, another Game of Thrones. A wedding, leeches, a White Walker and two heads in a duffel bag.

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GOT- “Blackwater”

Another Sunday, another episode of Game of Thrones, and HOLY HELL DID YOU SEE THE BATTLE OF THE BLACKWATER!?! Glad it was a holiday because I’m still recovering… Only one more episode until the end of the season, and HBO has decided to throw everything at us at once–in fantastic style! As usual, minor a whole lotta SPOILERS to follow.

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