Building My Author Site: A Step by Step Guide

I have a new website. It’s I thought I should let people know.


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Inspiration and Worldbuilding: The Haunting of Tram Car 015


In which we peek behind the curtain to dive into some of the inspiration and influences in my novella The Haunting of Tram Car 015. I’ll try to make it brief.

But don’t hold me to it.

Try the sudjukh.

Stay for the Zar.

*cover is courtesy of artist Stephan Martiniere.

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I Wrote Another Book




I wrote a book. Again. An actual whole other book. Well actually, like last time, it’s a novella–that no man’s land between full-fledged novel and short story. This one’s called The Haunting of Tram Car 015. It debuts in one week, so I thought it might be important that I tell people about it.

That amazing cover is courtesy of artist Stephan Martiniere.



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Tips for Understanding Black History Month- 2019 Wakanda Redux Edition

Black-Panther-Warriors-of-Wakanda-2It’s that time of year again, Black History Month. And in this year two-thousand and nineteen of our One True King T’Challa, we heading back to Wakanda to celebrate. Black Passport Twitter you’re not invited, because sometimes you can be obnoxious. Sorry, not sorry.

Okay,  okay. You guys can come too. Just try not to be obnoxious.

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