Already Royal: Reality Trippin’

15 thoughts on “Already Royal: Reality Trippin’”

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    P. Djeli Clark discusses responses to Lorde’s racist, appropriative track Royals: the surreal, a Grammy, and the sublime, like Maimouna Youssef’s proud and moving remake.

  2. My english isn’t that good, but i will try to express myself properly since I am not US but an african living in France. I found the the whole discussion about Lorde racism just ridiculous.
    First of all, your all criticisms appears to me as typically racism. Your argument is based on the fact the messenger is white. What about “the skinny white girl” and “the ceramic” voice. Imagine a white person wrote that article about ” curvy black girl” and ” sistah” voice, what would have been the uproar, You shoot the messenger because since she from NeW Zealand and white, you denied her any right to have an opinion about hip hop culture. I prefer that “lucidity” about the glowing aspect of black culture from a 16 white teenage, rather than having her being like Miley Cyrus. I still wait for a 16 black girl delivering a such perspective in an accessible way for everybodY.

    Then, please, cool down about the blackness of the culture etc. One rapper said, “it’s not about who did it first but who did it right”. Nas, once said, that his music was everyone’s once it is out. That is the same with the culture. What enrich a culture, it is the outside reception and the foreign influences,and its ability to be owned by people from different backgrounds.I found so “brechtian” and cute the tore up of bling aspect of mainstream hip hop culture on a hip hop beat. That is a sign of maturity for a girl of that age. ( in the same perspective, i found very slick the remix by…Rick Ross).

    And finally, it will be great if black people stop playing the victims. I love Mumu Fresh, but i found her cover out of place and not that good. Once again, if it was the skinny white teeen who covered an original song of the curvy ebony sistah, one would call out Elvis Presley ghosts. The argument about “the have nothing” is not serious. Platoon, Diogene, Mozart, Kafka, Richard Wright, Baldwin, Coltrane, Sembene Ousmane, Camara Layse, KRS, Kendrick, were not from privileged background, it did not prevent them to raise up the culture and the civilization. Enough with the culture of excuse of the mediocrity. I found disappointing to listen Mumu Fresh indirectely defend the same people so opposed to her artististic perspective, just because these people were aimed by the skinny white teen.

    Lorde’s song was good, fresh from a very young artist. All the criticisms based on the subdues racism from educated people, just contributes to banalize this very phenomenon and avoid in depth criticizm of the decline of black culture and the inability to think above race considerations. If the racism is everywhere,it is anywhere.

    1. thank you for your opinion, African guy whose first language is not English but manages to weave together a thesis using terms like “Brechtian” in a comment post. i believe you and i have vastly different understandings of what racism, power and whiteness actually *mean* in a historical postcolonial context. until our working definitions of those terms/dynamics manage to converge, we will be speaking different languages in more ways than one. cheers.

  3. Peace, I think the lourdes piece is the result of immaturity as a writer (it could very well be that the girl has no concept of the root of consumerism), and a white supremacy mindset. A larger question for me though, is what can we do in our “calling out” of these things to make our children who love the music and other shiny-ness, see that we are not being simply “hating ass old people”. Is there a way to honor the anti consumerism the art espouses and simultaneously criticize the shallow nature of the metaphor?

  4. “The ones you see stuntin’/ are the ones who never had nothing/ so first piece of the pie we tryna’ grab something … We don’t know that old true blue blood slave money/ slave money/ war heroes take it to their grave money/ cotton money/ cane money/ Diamond blood stain money… what about that tax money/ oil money/ Africa’s rich soil money/ so thick you cant fold money/ British East Indian company old money”
    Yeah she really summed it up there! I did a post on this video as well. She is an amazing talent! Great review!

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