How to Spite A Racist Troll: Support Black Dreams

26 thoughts on “How to Spite A Racist Troll: Support Black Dreams”

  1. Hey Phenderson! This character is just another one griefers who whine, “Why don’t we have a white history month? How’d you like it if we started a White Entertainment Television?” What seems to evade this guy is that the speculative worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy are overwhelmingly populated by white characters written by an authors’ population that is itself overwhelmingly white. While minority readers are, for the most part, perfectly willing to read stories, novels, and even entire series in which their existence is not even acknowledged, we also enjoy (in my case, crave) heroes and heroines who look like us.

    As you pointed out, the existence of SteamFunk novels does not preclude the continuance of Steampunk. In fact, a novel about a Santeria-following, wheelchair-bound, lesbian Latina would only serve to attract more readers to the genre.

    1. Brian, spot on. Exactly. I don’t know why some feel that the existence of more of B will somehow take away from A. As if having something called Steamfunk will make the larger Steampunk vanish. And that Santeria-following, wheel-chair bound, lesbian Latina steampunk story HAS to be told! Get on that!

  2. I just don’t understand how it could hurt anybody if there are more different stories to read. It’s not like there is a finite amount of stories that can be told throughout the history of mankind, and once they’re used up, no more stories. We can have Steamfunk and Steampunk and Whateveryoulikepunk at the same time, just like you said; and story-lovers should be happier the more stories there are.

    I, for one, am putting that book on my to-read list, because I love reading different stories from different people, and because it sounds like something I’d like a lot. (Also, I finally got Sisters of the Spear! 😀 I’m about halfway through and enjoying it immensely, so thanks for the tip!)

  3. The Alabaster Punks of the world are like the Death Star awaiting that torpedo up the right shaft. They will be blown to smithereens. And if they construct another Death Star of hate, ignorance and intolerance, then that one will be obliterated as well! Sword and Soul, Steamfunk, and black heroes across the scope and scale of speculative fiction are here to stay! And not only are we staying, we’re proliferating like tribbles! TRIBBLES! Get used to it Endure it! We’re here and in the words of the Borg: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! Phenderson, you have my permission to spread this post throughout the cybersphere. If these boneheaded detractors of all that is black in speculative fiction want war, then they shall have it! But I must warn: I give no quarter!

  4. Chinese opium? Sure… we have Shanghai Steam, a Wuxia/Steampunk anthology with Chinese characters… and my story “Fire in the Sky” has the Opium trade as the central issue 😀 Steamfunk also has a story from me and I’m an Asian American author… and there’s also a story written by me in the Cyberfunk anthology… just gotta keep the love goin’

    1. Ray Dean. Yes! Didn’t go into Shanghai Steam or Wuxia, but good mention. I’m in that Steamfunk joint as well. And enjoyed Will of Iron. Asian writers in Steamfunk? Milton is just plain *awful* at this segregation thing… he needs like a Bull Connor starter kit.

  5. Phen, terrific post and now I’m off to get my copy. This sounds fantastic. I have the Steamfunk antho and it’s on my tbr list. I’ll move this and the antho and Milton’s new book to the top.
    Keeping up the good fight.

  6. I know we haven’t always got along on facebook, Phen… But I love your work. I hope that you continue to prosper.


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